About us

About Us

About Fat Dog FarmAs children, both Andrew Makee and Aleah Wicks dreamt of a life in the quiet countryside…maybe even in the foothills of some of the oldest mountains in the world.

Equally as ancient is Aleah’s fascination with animals and so she hoped to one day be surrounded by them on her own farm. Born in Minneapolis Minnesota, her love of small and adoring mammals morphed into an all-pervasive intention of a home that should include but never be limited to: horses, chickens, cats, dogs, and cattle.

Growing up in Cleveland Ohio, Andrew’s fascination was piqued by the book, “A Farm for Andy,” which he read over and over again. Andrew’s friends even today admire his commitment to leaving no stone unturned if there is soil that needs rotating… or if what lies beneath begs uncovering.

In 2005, when the two met in Asheville, knowing that his beloved would not be swayed, Andrew adopted Aleah’s domestic menagerie of pets. Then the family included two cats and one dog; two of these three originals remain in the family today (R.I.P. precious pug Remmie). Sensing a real kinship in one another’s dreams, the farm idea grew into their combined future.

With their own marriage just weeks away in September 2011, the couple was also looking for a place to begin a sustainable relationship with mother earth herself. An 18-acre biodynamic farmstead located in Tryon NC, held promise for Andrew and Aleah, and on November 4, 2011 Fat Dog Farm was founded.

Including an unfortunate dismount off of a horse resulting in a dislocated finger, several unwelcomed shocks from the electric fence, and many bumps and bruises shared among friends who helped erect lots of split rail fencing, Andrew and Aleah are well on their way to fulfillment of their shared vision.