Fat Dog Farm is the vision of Aleah Wicks and Andrew Makee. Together, with a flock of twenty chickens, three horses, three cats and a fat dog, the farm follows biodynamic and organic practices. Founded in late 2011, Fat Dog Farm is in its initial stage, incorporating an Acupuncture practice and minor sales of eggs, chickens and produce. By 2014, the Fat Dog Farm vision includes vineyards, orchards, and a small scale creamery. Our primary emphasis is benefiting people, pets, and plants while honoring the environment for generations to come. Thank you for visiting. Please stop back again soon as the farm continues to transform.


qiAleah Wicks is a board certified and Licensed Acupuncturist with 11 years of experience. Aleah brings much more to the treatment room than just acupuncture. Each treatment is tailored specifically to a patient’s health imbalance, and encompasses a variety of complementary modalities including acupuncture, acupressure, Chinese herbology, cupping, Chinese dietary therapy, Chinese style bodywork/Tui, moxibustion, color therapy, tuning forks, and reflexology.

Meet the Animals

meet the animalsOften referred to as “all things fuzzy farm,” Fat Dog Farm is currently home to: a mixed flock of Silkie, Maran, and Araucana Chickens, 3 horses, 2 bee hives, 3 cats and 1 fat dog. Soon, it will also be home to mini-Scottish Highland cattle. The animals on Fat Dog Farm are our heart and soul, and we ensure a high quality of life and advocate a stewardship for all living things. Fat Dog Farm raises and breeds Silkie chickens, and will be raising and breeding Mini Scottish Highland cattle in the near future. Care to meet the furry crew……


biodynamicsAndrew Makee utilizes the spiritual, ethical, and ecological approach to food production and nutrition called Biodynamics. As with all biodynamic farms, Fat Dog Farm strives to create a diversified and balanced ecosystem that generates health and fertility as much as possible from the farm itself. By working in cooperation with the cosmos, the soil, the plants and animal health, biodynamic farmers restore and harmonize the soil and vital forces of the farm to enhance the nutrition, quality, quantity and flavor of the food being raised.